What your donation supports

Your donation will:

  • support Moscow Hospice No.1 in the following ways:
    • purchases of medical equipment
    • cleaning and improvement of the hospice grounds
    • financial support of vulnerable patients and their families
      (A matter of special attention is our help to those who look after the patients: the staff and the volunteers.)
  • support regional hospices by:
    • training staff
    • purchases of medical equipment
    • support the staff in their work
      (Since 2008, the Fund has helped over 20 hospices across Russia, as well as clinics in Ukraine and Moldova)
  • send direct help to children with incurable diseases
  • build the first children’s hospice in Moscow
  • raise awareness and promote the ideas, values and philosophy of hospices in society
  • help the Fund retain staff and develop the staff base for hospices by:
    • training courses
    • sharing experience with colleagues
    • internship opportunities
    • professional growth programmes
    • conferences targeting palliative care
  • help promote the volunteer movement in Russia
    (Under this programme, the Fund engages volunteers to work in hospices, because emotional involvement is as important as financial charity help.)
  • support publishing that targets both fundraising and public education
    (The Fund aims to publish manuals on palliative care and a collection dedicated to hospices. As part of the charity book project, a collection of masterpieces of the best Russian poets and writers is being published under the title Life Stories («Книга, ради которой…»)